There is not one resource made unavailable by The Source LA that can’t help shift your everyday life, goals, or individual hopes and dreams. From workshops, job opportunities, outreach, and small to corporate business marketing, logo and brand design services, The Source LA can best assist you all across the board. We source, outsource, and guide those in need. All it takes is you and your action to make it happen.

The Source LA Extensions

The Source LA Re-Entry resource platform is dedicated to assisting incarcerated individuals or persons in need of an expungement, a successful transition to their community after their release.

The Source LA Tech was curated to educate, provide job opportunities, resources and news about what's currently taking place in the world with technology and innovation.

The Source LA Listings provides the residents of Los Angeles access to housing available on the market. Aside from average housing lists, we do our best to focus on affordable housing as well as section 8 approved units.

The Source LA Youth focuses on providing community resources and education to the youth. We work to help parents find access to diapers, food, and or materials for their children.

The Source LA LIVE